Smooth agility trials with Agibase

Agibase makes entering and running agility trials easy and exciting!

Dog with computer
Trial entry
Enter trials with just a few clicks
Realtime results as you finish your round
Record book
Electronic record book with all your trial records
Get notified when you move up a grade
F8 exiting tunnel
F8 on see-saw
F8 jumping

A complete performance history

Agibase keeps a record of each trial you run

  • Review your dog's full performance history
  • Search for results as far back as you can remember
  • Find results for specific disciplines

Accessible on all modern browsers, tablets, and mobile phones

Agibase has a proven track record in more than 400 trials

Results are uploaded to the cloud in realtime

Create a profile for all your dogs

Pay online for trials

Receive event reminders

Cal jumping over long jump

Agility and Games

In addition to Agility and Jumping, Agibase has custom designed interfaces to record results for Gamblers and Snooker.

  • Auto calculate course times
  • Upload course maps
  • Course map library

Empowering all Agility organisations

All basic features is free for all handlers, clubs and Agility organisations.

Really awesome! I am on the other side of the world and enjoying following the competition.
  • 400+

    trials across all disciplines

  • 130

    events - from entry to final results

  • 96

    unique competing breeds

  • 800

    registered users